Woodshed Troll-girl

Thursday is Þóra's favourite day of the week

Þóra lives in the woodshed – she is happy to translate Futhork for the Hittys…

Apparently the Birch elfling’s name is Bjork (pronounced Bee-ork), she is happy to have a warm place to spend the winter, and she thinks she forgot The Bug somewhere around in the forest.



Now we know who he belongs to…better take him to the Quimper Hittys.

Bjork is spelled ᛒ in Elder Futhark runic script, but you may not be able to see this in older software – it looks like a B with angles instead of curves. It means “birch tree”.


This is part of the story of how the elfling joined the Quimper Hittys.  To read the rest of the story, click here



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