A chorus of Dolls.

CBC Radio’s “Saturday Afternoon At The Opera” broadcast of Хованщина (Khovanshchina) ended in yet another conflagration.  Constance  loved the sound of all those Russian bass-baritones, and especially the fabulous chorus. The  story was a little hard to keep straight.  A consultation with the nesting dolls did not help with the understanding of the plot within the plot within the plot within the plot…

Constance wishes she had a large Samovar.

 Constance dispenses restorative cups of Russian Caravan tea.

Here is a link to another fan of Russian Opera.



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5 thoughts on “Хованщина

    • Most of Khovanshchina was composed by Modeste Mussorgsky, who also wrote the libretto… he died before he got to the end of the Opera, and it was finished by Rimsky-Korsakov in 1881-1882 just after Mussorgsky died, later a different ending was done jointly by Stravinsky and Ravel in 1913 at the request of Dhiagalev, and a later one, different again by Shostakovitch in 1959.

  1. thank you for the info on the opera…as well as the behind the scenes at Quimper St. I trust the tea helped…so nicely displayed with all of the dolls in attendance!

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