Out of the Hibernaculum II

The woodshed Troll-girl is always ready to help.

Bjork and Constance consult Þóra about locating the missing Bug. Þóra lives in the woodshed and, being part troll, she can speak with all the local animals.

Þóra gives Bjork a piggyback ride and they return to the Plum Tree.

Bjork thinks she left The Bug around here somewhere. Based on the location, Þóra hassss sssome sssussspicionssss…



Fortunately, Þóra speaks Parseltongue.

The Hitty friends are not the only ones glad to see Winter receding… the Miðgarður Snakelet  is Hungry after emerging from his Hibernaculum.  Þóra tries to cajole him  into having something else  to break his winter fast…



This is the second part of the Hibernaculum Story. To read the rest of the story, Click Here.

9 thoughts on “Out of the Hibernaculum II

  1. ah, resolution! and done with such a mixture of languages, textures again and the authority of Dora/Pora…don’t have the right fonts. Love the button eye on the snakelet.

    • Þóra (you could say “Thora”) has proved to be an invaluable friend to the Hitty clan. The Miðgarður Snakelet’s eyes are unfortunately clouding over, they are made from Cellulose nitrate, which has a nasty habit of self-destructing. A cataract operation mught be in order…

  2. Wow, Þóra really does have her ways of tracking down the Bug. I hope this one is successful.

    I love these pictures – they are really well set up and photographed 🙂 It must have taken a long time.

    • Þóra’s Very Large Relative, Þór, has a tendency to attack problems by smiting them with his Very Large Hammer. An alternate technique, preferred by Þóra, is research and discussion…so far it has had good results.

  3. Oh my!
    What a wonderful tale. I love the half-troll; she’s beautiful and large! And the serpent; frightfully divine. I do hope they can come to a safe resolution for The Bug.

    Great story! Love it.

    • I love the half-troll too, and am happy to have her living in the woodshed. Especially glad to have her as an intermediary since the Miðgarður Snakelet took up residence in our garden shed last autumn.

    • The Snake is made from some Twill woven fabric, possibly overcoat fabric from the 1960’s. It was made by someone called Mavis, and lived in the Peregrine Bookstore on 4th Avenue in Vancouver, along with a few other creatures, including the Puffin and the Fox, who appear in “The Birch Forest” and “The Puffin Islet” story.

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