Евге́ний Оне́гин

Comfortable Seating at the Star

Comfortable Seating at the Star

Yesterday was the first show in the Metropolitan Opera’s Live in HD Opera season.  We went to our favourite little Star Cinema  for a delightful four hours of Евге́ний Оне́гин (Eugene Onegin) by Tchaikovsky. The cinema is in the middle of a major renovation and in anticipation of nice new theatre seating, the old threadbare red velvet seats were removed. Oh No – disaster! The wrong new seats were delivered and had to be sent back. Fortunately the Star has found some very comfortable alternatives until the new new seats are installed in November…we sat on the comfy sofa in the second row.




We had a delightful day, enjoyed the lovely lovely music, gorgeous singing, beautiful costumes, and interesting intermission interviews.  It made us want to learn Russian so we could read Pushkin’s original poem.  

Going by the performances Constance has attended, sopranos in Operatic tragedies tend to finish the night as corpses, albeit singing beautifully. For example:Tosca – stabbed; Gilda in Rigoletto – stabbed; Maria Stuarda – beheaded; Dido in Les Troyens – suicide; Desdemona in Othello – strangled; Lady Macbeth runs mad and dies; Manon dies for no apparent reason; Aida suffocates; everyone in  Khovanshchina dies in a giant conflagration; so does almost everyone in Gotterdammerung….

Constance thinks the best thing about the story in this opera is Tatiana, sung by Anna Netrebko. It is rather refreshing that for once the heroine of an operatic tragedy survives and sends the notorious rake off with a flea in his ear!



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8 thoughts on “Евге́ний Оне́гин

  1. Constance should write an opera where things turn out the way she likes. She has a whole cast of sisters, many of whom can sing, or play an instrument.

    The seller of the new seats had better be careful or they might lose their market to this great innovation! Recliners and pizza and opera, what a concept.

  2. I for one believe that Constance is more then capable of mounting a Hitty opera! She is such a refined opera fan and critic. Love the story and the comfy seating options.

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