Finnish Independence Day 2013

A cold and snowy morning

A cold and snowy morning


Kauimmaiseksi kajasti
se itse sininen risti
salmen suussa, sillan päässä,
kylän kappelin kohalla,
kun kilisi kirkon kellot,
kun lepäsi tyynet järvet,
kun meni majoille päivä.
– Eino Leino

Happy 96 years of Independence, Finland!

On Finnish Independence Day 2011 Constance and Tansy became involved in a great Reindeer Saga, the entire story can be seen by following this link

Last year Linnea showed us her noaide drum follow this link to see…

A great on-line Finnish Advent Calendar can be found here



6 thoughts on “Finnish Independence Day 2013

    • Helsinki had only 6 hours of daylight today, and we had 7.5 hours so we are ahead a little bit. On the other hand it is +1 degree C in Helsinki and -4.4 (-11 with the wind chill) in Victoria, and getting colder as we speak, so perhaps we should all flock to Helsinki for a balmy holiday!

  1. They are sure bundled up for the Arctic weather. We have it here too. It hasn’t been above freezing for days, and looks like there are more days of below freezing high temps to come. Booo!

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