Kiwi quilt

Bounty from our friend Madge

Bounty from our friend Madge

In the mailbox today, Constance found a lovely lumpy squishy parcel, and found inside a beautiful New Zealand-inspired Quilt, and a wee puzzle the size of a matchbox… Opal and Agathe are the ones that would most appreciate these gifts, being carved from swamp Kauri wood, so Constance invited them to share in the bounty!

Kiwi Puzzle

Kiwi Puzzle

Opal loves the cute little mini wooden puzzle featuring a family of kiwi birds…

Lupin Letter

Lupin Letter

…and Constance enjoyed reading a letter from the Rose Cottage Hittys and their human, especially Hitty Madge –  the note says that the little quilt was especially designed for the Quimper Hittys and incorporates some lovely New Zealand Maori-type designs…

Southern Dreams

Southern Dreams

… Opal and Agathe are very touched and will have lovely soothing, happy memory-filled dreams under this special Quilt…Thank you Rose Cottage Girls and human for a gift which brightened our day and will certainly enhance the nights in the Hitty cupboard!!!


12 thoughts on “Kiwi quilt

  1. Oh how lovely! We are so delighted that it finally arrived safely! Goodness, I can’t believe how long it took to get there!!! So glad they like it and enjoyed the puzzle.

  2. such an unusual and interesting quilt…lovely. And the girls look so very pleased with it. The puzzle is really quite special! So glad to see the Quimper Hittys being loved!!

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