Amelia’s Summer Dress

Linen Lining

Amelia is getting a summer dress from some jolly quilt fabric…




setting gathers

I like to gather up the skirt as tight as it will go, and then pin it to the ironing board, and steam the gathers thoroughly.  Rickrack isn’t necessary, I just use whatever’s to hand to hold the skirt down while it cools and dries. Then I snip the gathering thread, and pin it into place on the bodice.




This is my favourite way of making button fastenings…




Amelia likes having a brand new dress – she put it straight on and walked around the neighbourhood, but the weather was smoky and muggy…



Keeping cool

…so we went back inside and turned on the fan.







12 thoughts on “Amelia’s Summer Dress

  1. Amelia looks adorable in her new dress. Your button fastenings are fabulous. They look amazing. I don’t know how I missed your previous story. That quilt is wonderful. You have a gift in knowing what fabrics will go together. Tuesday looked so happy and cozy in that little sleeping quilt.

    • Steaming really works well for me on these little projects! The fan is very cooling! We don’t usually need cooling, but this year it is inordinately hot. Luckily the Hitty cupboard is not in the part of BC that is burning up.

  2. I need all the sewing tips I can get!! Thank you. Amelia looks quite lovely in her new frock…and I really love her fan!!

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