Min’s Foggy Morning


Min went for a walk on an October morning when the fog horns were blowing and the mist swirling around…




Canvas Weave Linen


Constance and the Quimper Hitty human have had another linen-weaving adventure!  


Pinafores and Pantaloons

French check

Some sweet checked fabric from France has been metamorphosing into clothing…


Tansy Underway


Tansy got up at the crack of dawn, and waited for the pick-up truck to pick them up from the Inn in the village of Queen Charlotte…


Tansy On the Way

Climbing in

Tansy climbed into her special pelican case…


Sandilands Tea


Tansy has noticed a lack of nice tea to drink on Archaeological fieldwork projects.


Shopping for Boots

Window Shopping

Tansy was trying to get ready for another fieldwork project…


Rainbow Painting



Arianell listened carefully… 


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