Hot Cross Buns!


Hot Cross Buns for the humans…


Luring a Lizard

Evening light

Opal and Agathe sat in the evening light…


Feast of Esther!

Happy Day

Tatty is so happy, it is a special day for her…


A Favourite Tree!


Floradora came on an expedition with me…


Flowers from the Garden!


Henrietta and Arianell crossed the slippery frosty bridge…


Yellow Hat Tea!

Yellow Bonnet

Constance put on her yellow finery…


Pizza Porch Party!


The virus means we have to think of ways to visit our humans without getting too close. Dr Henry says outside, and 2 meters distant works for humans, so Henrietta got on the phone…



Mars Landing

The Block Twins have been waiting for this day since July 30 last year when a rocket launched from Florida carrying the newest robotic explorer to Mars! Today was the day that Perseverance was scheduled for landing…


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