Ross Bay Christmas




Last weekend, Constance went to a Christmas Party for Ross Bay Villa Society members, who contribute to this house’s restoration. The goal is to have it look as it did during the 1860’s, and to educate people about family life in Victoria at that time.

It was a wet and windy afternoon – but the house was decorated most cheerfully with evergreen and holly boughs.



Poinsettias for the Hitty Cupboard


Arianell and Eugenia were inspired by Linnea’s felt flowers…



Rolling Pin

Arianell helped roll out the dough…


Tansy’s Bracelets!


One stormy November evening on SGang Gwaay Tansy spent some time with one of the other boardwalk builders: Paul Rosang, a Haida artist who uses traditional tools and inherited designs.


More of Tansy’s Work!


Tansy and her Favourite Photographer were involved in the trail-building on SGang Gwaay, but their main purpose was to monitor for any potential impact to the cultural site.


Tansy’s View


Tansy enjoyed her morning cup of tea on the porch railing before work…


Tansy’s walk to work

good morning

Tansy and her favourite photographer and the rest of the work crew stayed in the watchman’s cabin on SGang Gwaay. They often walked through the old village on the way to or from work…


Tansy’s work at SGang Gwaay


Tansy wants to explain what she and her favourite photographer were doing on SGang Gwaay last month…


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