A Little Frost




Two little girls went out for a short walk in the chilly morning!  


Hemming and Washing



double fold

Constance and the Quimper Hitty human’s canvas-weave linen is off the loom, and ready to finsh!!  





A new piece of furniture was given to the Quimper Hittys… studious Eugenia was pleased to have a grown-up desk!


A little Gallery




A former student made a little Art Gallery for the Hittys…


Jane in the Kitchen



Wood Stove

Bread is rising, stew is being started, and the cats are as close to the woodstove as they can get without getting singed! Jane rarely gets sick, luckily for the Quimper Hittys that like to eat!


Perdita Rocks




Perdita is one of my more pensive Hittys – she likes to spend time by herself in her beautiful Albert Nadeau rocking chair…


Viola’s Button Bed



Button Bed

One of the workshops I attended when I was in the Ozarks taught us how to make a doll’s bed by stringing buttons on wire.


Magic Flute


A dreadful lurgy did not prevent us from listening to CBC Saturday Afternoon at the Opera,  which featured one of our favourite operas – Mozart’s Magic Flute.   




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