Comox Valley walk

Red willow

A handful of Hittys went on a walk…and they sat in the red willow, and listened to the birds. They heard a woodpecker!


Traveling to Comox

A basket of Hittys went on a journey through the mountains…


A Garden Rainbow


Carrot Soup found a rainbow in the garden… (more…)

Cherry Marzipan Pi


Jane and Eugenia are making pie!

We might have invented this recipe, but it is so delicious that someone must have thought of it already:

To begin with, roll out pastry and prepare tart tins…this recipe is for nine human-sized tarts and six Hitty-sized pies with double crusts.


Hunting for Violets

Not Yet

On a pleasant afternoon, Viola came with me to one of our favourite gardens. She is sitting on the spot where we usually find violets growing, but evidently not yet. (more…)

Magic in the Garden


Carrot Soup tiptoed outside… (more…)

A Green Dress

Carrot Soup

Rose finished her knitting… (more…)

A Loose End

Loose End

Rose was at a loose end… (more…)

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