Sweet Garden Morning


Floradora’s new crop has been sown, and is sprouting! We will have to make a new wooden sign for them…


Anthea and the baseball bat


Anthea went to school with the youngest human, where unfortunately, she encountered a boy with a baseball bat during recess. After getting a mighty whack, all her elastic joints snapped and her arms and legs flew off in all directions. Small human was distraught, but fortunately Anthea’s upper legs, arms, and feet were found, though the lower legs vanished completely.  When I asked whether I should to try to repair the doll,  small human requested that I re-elasticate her but not replace the missing shins. She says Anthea is disabled now, and needs a wheelchair so she can be independent again.  (more…)

Air Mail

Mr Bumble comes

The giant Bumblebee arrived carrying a basket…




It is possible to have two opposing and contrary views in a garden. Floradora likes it when all the plants are safely tidy in their beds…




Provençal Quilt Blocks 17 and 18


Vanilla and Constance helped finish up the last two squares of our one-block a month quilt!

The June block fabrics under Vanilla used fabrics purchased by my mother-in-law on her visits to France in the 1960’s and 70’s (plus a red fabric with printed leaves)

Constance is sitting on fabrics we used for the May block. She was with me when we purchased them in Aix-en-Provence in 2010 (plus a red fabric with printed lines and dots).




Henrietta in the field


Henrietta visited a lovely quiet garden…


Watering on a warm morning


Floradora went to the garden early in the morning to water the seedlings…


Wisteria Quilt


 After they visited the Wisteria vine, Vanilla and Henrietta went indoors to sort through some fabrics that needed a new home.


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