Star Flowers in the tree


Our Cornus Starlight dogwood trees are bloomingly beautifully healthy…


Bonnet Flowers


Young human chose this Columbine plant for me.  We put it into the garden and waited to see what the flowers looked like…


Stars in the Wind


Floradora went outside one morning to discover that the municipal workers had installed a little fence around each of our two Cornus Starlight dogwood trees – thanks, Oak Bay! It should forestall the deer from eating the bark, and also from rubbing their antlers on it in the fall…


Happy Vyshyvanka Day

З днем ​​вишиванки

Tansy wishes everyone З днем ​​вишиванки (Happy Vyshyvanka Day)!




Floradora is getting quite adept at climbing…


Scraphappy Blueberries

Curtain Fabric

An old curtain, tediously unpicked (the machine stitches were very close together)…


A Giddy Morning


Floradora spent a giddy morning…


Lily Tussie-mussie


With the deer defences holding…


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