Scrap Happy Bonnet – April 2021


After many soggy spring days, the sun came out, and the William’s Bon Chrétien Pear tree decided to bloom!

Henrietta frolicked in the sunny tree among the blossoms, but it was so bright that…




Knitting Help

New Sweater

Mormor has a new sweater (exactly like her old one, except for having three pearl buttons instead of one)…Thanks Rose!


Hitty Garden


Floradora and Tipsy went out to the garden…



Volcano Cam

A new volcano appeared in Iceland near Fagradalsfjall on March 19th, and Constance recently discovered a “Volcano Cam” streaming the continuing eruption in real time!


Cherry Blossoms


On a showery April day Henrietta lifted Gilly up…


Wildflowers of April

Horsetail Family

Horsetail forest

Once upon a time in the Horsetail forest…


Glorious Eggs


The Quimper Hittys collected eggs from the garden…


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