Weaving a Gamp


Constance helped me make a gamp, which is like a sampler in weaving.

Click here to see what Interweave Press has to say about gamps.


. (more…)

The Gentle Arts


While the weather is inclement, the Quimper Hittys are engaging in gentle pursuits…Viola has started keeping a journal… (more…)

Cookies of Love

Kitchen Equipment

Jane is making Fanny Farmer’s Sugar Cookies…






Constance and Rose began shoveling…


Winter Walk


It is still snowing! Victoria is in shock as we seldom get snow that sticks, and it is rare that we get days and days this kind of weather…


Tansy heads North Again

At Last

Tansy spent an unexpected night in her travel case as her favourite photographer’s connecting flight to Haida Gwaii was missed due to bad weather in Victoria.




Raggedy Ann was hungry…




Snowy Day

Warm sunshine

Viola and Tuesday tried on their new coats and bonnets and their new shoes, but the early February weather persisted in being warm and sunny…


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