Horsetail Family

Horsetail forest

Once upon a time in the Horsetail forest…


Glorious Eggs


The Quimper Hittys collected eggs from the garden…




Henrietta wandered through the Candytuft, and discovered that April is a month of sweetness in the Quimper Garden. This Iberis plant may have the sweetest name…


April Dollies

Air-Dry Clay

A couple of new dollies have appeared in the Quimper Hitty cupboard – one arrived in an informal state of dishabille…


Provençal Quilt Blocks 15 and 16


With Constance and Vanilla’s help our one-block a month quilt is almost complete!

Once again we went through the Provençal fabric stash, and cut out squares and triangles…




Fences, Defences and fun in the mud!

Rotten Old Fence

Tansy’s years of work on archaeological projects have taught her to muck in cheerfully when there is a big job to help with…


How Sweet it is!


Oh – how sweet it is…


Roses on Friday


Someone loves Pink…


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