Viola Reads



Big and small

When I was in the Ozarks, I bought a little tiny version of a book called Diary of a Birthday Doll. The Hittys always appreciate it when I get them books they can actually read, and this was a book I already had in my bookshelf in human scale!





Yellow Violet

Constance brought home a sweet little sister from her trip to the Ozarks. Her name is Viola, because she has a Downy Wood Violet in her hair…


November 5



Tuesday prefers bare feet, but in early November she decided the weather was finally cold enough to put on socks and slippers…


November 4


In early November Arianell is playing with the cats…


November 3




In early November Jane is chopping veggies for a hearty stew…


November 2



Tinkling the ivory keys

In early November Rose decided to practice some seasonal music…


November 1



In early November Eugenia is keeping up with her correspondence… 



Witchy welcome

Min and Gráinne are glad Tamino came to the Hallowe’en party!



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