Hedgepig Autumn Garden

Garden stroll

Today is the first day of Autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere. Constance walked out to the back garden, where things are slightly overgrown after almost two weeks of avoiding strenuous activities…


Textile Outings


Thankfully the smoke has receded from Quimperland so Constance and I were able to spend a couple of hours at a friend’s loom this morning…


Friday Pancakes and Flowers


A friend brought us flowers…


Knitting in the smoke

Still Smoky

The smoke is still making us cough…the AQHI is still at 10+ and it is still recommended that we avoid strenuous activity…


Scrap Happy September – Hexagon Cutting and Sewing

Antiquarian Book pamphlet scraps

Constance helped to cut a pamphlet about used and antiquarian bookstores in Vancouver – it made many lovely Hexagons…



Apple Stuff


It’s apple time…




We are glad not to have forest fires in our neighbourhood…but the wind is blowing North bringing smoke and ash from fires in California, Oregon and Washington. The air quality shows 10+ or Very High Risk – we are advised to avoid strenuous activity…


Late Summer


The end of summer means green is mixed with red and gold…


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