Opera at Home

Opera at Home

Culture Day  is being celebrated across Canada today and tomorrow, but every Saturday is culture day for Constance…And it will be at least as long as Saturday Afternoon at the Opera keeps being broadcast on the CBC! Today in Victoria we are experiencing the first major storm of the season, with wind expected to reach 60 – 80 km per hour in some areas, and up to 120 mm of rain…so we didn’t feel like venturing out to find cultural things going on outside.  



Loyal Lap-warmer

Loyal Lap-warmer

Instead we both agreed that the best thing to do was to light a fire in the woodstove, turn on the radio,  and listen to the Opera (and hope the power doesn’t go out in the windstorm).  Today we are listening to Idomeneo – an opera by Mozart with a complex plot involving the aftermaths of the Trojan war, raging furies, rival princesses, a deadly serpent, a loyal prince, and a father who makes a bad bargain with Neptune.



Luckily after three and a half lovely hours of Mozart, disaster is averted and the Opera concludes with dissipated furies, the right princess with the loyal prince, the serpent vanquished and Neptune appeased, phew.



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8 thoughts on “Idomeneo

  1. Constance certainly looks cozy sitting on a comfy chair in front of the fire, and with a cat on her lap! Happy Culture Day!

    • If we lived in Vancouver, we could have gone to a Cantonese Opera performance, or gone backstage at the Vancouver Opera. Never mind, we have an exciting opera experience coming up in October, and we did enjoy Idomeneo on the radio very much today!

  2. I’m so glad we out here in e-land know Constance….yes, she’s a culturally alert young wooden lady and I for one always appreciate the culture that she brings my way. Trusting the storm has not blown anyone away. Constance’s lovely chair looks like just the right spot for a storm.

  3. Constance is so lucky to have a wood fire and comfy chair. But she is most lucky to have a furry companion to share both with. Though I suspect the cat thinks that it is sharing the chair and fire with Constance.

  4. We are getting beautiful fall weather here….but not quite cold enough for a fire. I just got home from NC. I drove home with my sunroof down enjoying the cool weather and changing leaves…..and listening to a Celtic music CD.
    I hope that Constance is still practicing her dulcimer!

    • No sun-roof driving around here last weekend – we’ve had 1/4 of our annual rainfall this month, most of it in the last two days – ferry sailings cancelled, and power outages, not to mention most of the apples on the tree now on the ground – time to make applesauce!

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