Thanksgiving 2014



After the recent pinafore escapade, Mary Ann thinks Opal and Agathe could use some hints about proper decorum in the Hitty Cupboard.



Constance is happy using a big tea towel, which works very well as an apron when pinned afore.


To all our friends, of whatever nationality, Happy Thanksgiving from the Canadian Quimper Hittys.

We are thankful for the beauty and bounty of the earth, the people who care about us and teach us,  and for food enough for today and people to share it with.

15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2014

  1. And a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing to you and those you’re sharing with today…as we rest here in the US. I’m not sure there are any traditions for this day, Columbus Day.

  2. Don’t those block sisters look contrite! Mary Ann seems to be keeping them thoughtful, but Constance, as usual, doesn’t seem to mind too much and adapts to the circumstances. I hope the pinafores made it home safely, without the need for too many repairs or washings. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • I am afraid that although they tried to pay attention, the block sisters were hard-put to refrain from giggling, as Mary Ann tried in her way to restore peace to the Hitty cupboard. There may be some washing and mending in the future…Happy Thanksgiving to you!

      • Perhaps Mary Ann could turn her attention more successfully to the new cat? Really, cats on counters is nearly as bad as pinafore sails and boating without pfd’s

  3. A very happy thanks giving to you and all the Quimper Hittys.

    I just love Constance, she has a very pleasing way about her and a look that is just adorable. She is of course also very practical and knows just what to use when necessary.

    I wonder how Agathe & Opal’s lessons will pan out?

    • Thank you very much! So far it has been quiet except for giggling coming from the Hitty cupboard (which tells you how the lessons are going). I love Constance too, she is very level-headed and does not get distracted by minor inconveniences. We expect an influx of humans, starting in a couple of hours, including the almost-two-year old, who has just learned the word “Hitty”!

  4. Where on earth did you find That Book!! I could barely believe my eyes, seeing it 🙂 I mean, you could write an opera with Well Bred Dolls * Happy Play in Grassy Places …. absolutely fabulous darlings …

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