Straw Hat 5

Neatly Coiled

Neatly Coiled

Zipporah is helping me turn the squashy hat from the thrift store into hatstraw…

Hatstraw Cords

Hatstraw Cords

We’ve discovered that even though made of paper, it is actually a classic 9-end hatstraw braid, with cords incorporated into the edges.

Too Shallow

Too Shallow

Pulling on one cord should create a nice smooth curve, and it does, but unfortunately the curve is not tight enough for tiny Hitty hats.  That’s OK the “gathering” method works, and we are getting better at it!

Lots of Straw left

Lots of Straw left

Zipporah is very happy with her new straw bonnet, even without rosettes and ribbons.

Zipporah's Bonnet

Zipporah’s Bonnet

…though her hatstraw coil is all in a snarl again.




16 thoughts on “Straw Hat 5

  1. Lovely hat! Think it’s my favorite….Great work! Hats and mittens are still in need here though…so the girls are drooling!

  2. Zipporah’s hat is quite fetching. You are surely developing your skills as you go along. Thanks for all of the tips and tutorials.

  3. I think I am even more fond of this version of the straw hat…I really like Zipporah’s new bonnet!! Great work…as usual.

  4. I find I am fascinated by how different and yet all personable each of your doll’s faces are. I probably pay so much attention because I keep practicing making a Hitty doll but the faces are so difficult to get right.

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