Birthday Garden



A basket of Hittys accompanied the human on an expedition to convey  birthday wishes to a dear relation.



After the wishes were conveyed, the Hittys dispersed...Min climbed a tree



…Gilly picked some red currants…



…they all had a little swing in the Walnut tree…


One for Each

One for Each

…and then raided the Wild Strawberry window box!

Happy 85th Birthday Gillian!  Thanks for raising such an excellent oldest child!

14 thoughts on “Birthday Garden

    • The birthday person has always seemed bemused by my Hittys, but this time she declared that Rose was her favorite, because of her sweet face, and that Constance was a bit staring, though in a beautiful byzantine way!

  1. What a beautiful basket full of Hittys’. Little Gilly is lucky to have so many doting big sisters. It looked like they all had a great time outdoors, climbing, picking wild berries and my favorite thing to do in all the world when I was a kid…swing…I loved each and every picture-story. Happy birthday to your dear relative…Humm wonder who the eldest child is?????

    • I had the guest of honour in mind while carving little Gilly, and even borrowed her name, so we were very pleased when one of the other guests remarked how very like thee were! The eldest child is my partner in life, and also the Quimper Hittys favourite photographer!

  2. what a grand way to celebrate a birthday. I know that all of the girls were very welcome visitors. Your photos are lovely. Happy birthday to your special person!

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