No Room

Let us In!

Let us In!

En el nombre del cielo os pido posada, pues no puede andar mi esposa amada.

In the name of heaven I ask you for shelter, for my beloved wife can go no farther.

Please Let Us In!

Please Let Us In!

No seas inhumano, tenos caridad, que el Dios de los cielos te lo premiará.

Do not be inhuman, Show some charity, God in heaven will reward you.





Venimos rendidos desde Nazaret, yo soy carpintero de nombre José.

We are weary, come all the way from Nazareth, I am a carpenter named Joseph.




Mi esposa es María, es Reina del Cielo, y madre va a ser del Divino Verbo.

My wife is Mary, she is the Queen of Heaven, she will be mother to the Divine Word.


The Quimper Hittys are celebrating the Posadas, a tradition in Mexico celebrated for each of the nine days before Christmas…groups of people go from house to house, pretending to be Mary and Joseph knocking on the doors of houses in the neighbourhood.  They sing the special Posadas song and beg for shelter.








13 thoughts on “No Room

  1. What a lovely tradition….better in Mexico than in our parts in a blizzard this morning! It is heart warming to see how the Quimper Hittys carry on!

    • You are welcome! I had a Mexican student this fall, who made the Hittys a tiny….present, which will be visible on the last night of the Quimper Hittys Posadas experience. It inspired us to celebrate the Posadas this year!

  2. Awwwwwwww, so enchanting! LOL… I imagine that a certain pipe playing lad may have had his nose out of joint about not getting to don the festive beard! I hope that he gets to be a Wise Man or at least a shepherd…. I love the tilt of Min’s head in the photos as she listens to the words of La Posada ❤

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