Full up

Go Away

Go Away

Aquí no es mesón sigan adelante, yo no puedo abrir, no sea algún tunante.

This is not an inn, get along with you, I can not open the door, what if you are a scoundrel.

You are nobody to me

You are nobody to me

No me importa el nombre, déjenme dormir, pues ya les digo que no hemos de abrir.

Never mind your name, let me sleep, besides I’ve already said we’re not opening the door.



Pues si es una Reina quien lo solicita ¿Cómo es que de noche, anda tan solita?

And anyway if a queen is asking, why is she out at night, wandering so alone?



Beat it

Beat it

During every night of the Posadas, wandering pilgrims go from house to house, begging for shelter for Mary and Joseph, but people in the houses refuse to let them in. The words of their special song are usually sung in call and response:

Let us in! No, go away!

The pilgrims are rebuffed at every door.

The Quimper Hittys are celebrating only three days of the Posadas – the begging for shelter yesterday, the refusals today, and the special surprise tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Full up

  1. Patience is a beautiful Mary. She was the perfect one to portray the faith and patience that Mary needed at this crossroads in her life. And I agree with “Mad for the farthing crowd” that beard on Opal yesterday had me laughing throughout the day. Typical fun you spin, touching, sweet, thoughtful then a surprising unexpected dose of hilarity.

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