Blackberry Breakfast


Tuesday woke up early…





…when the sun came up, she and Amelia went out with their baskets…




…they collected blackberries…




…and ate them for breakfast







12 thoughts on “Blackberry Breakfast

  1. It seems like all is going very well for the upcoming autumn in the QH household. The new dress is so pretty, the settings are so cozy and the necessary gear is in order.

  2. Love Tuesday’s quilt! What a lovely start to the day. They look like they both have beautiful dresses on, and of course they were very sensible to wear their aprons to avoid any stains.

  3. What a sweet story. Tuesday and Amelia are just darling. Their breakfast looks scrumptious…bet the birds are eyeing those black sunflower seeds thinking about their breakfast too.

  4. as always so charming. And you have blackberries now? Ours are long gone (July). Love the girls frocks and pinnys!

    • We have two kinds of blackberries around here – the wild small sweet trailing kind, (July) and the big Himalayan naturalized ones that are more watery but abundant (August). The girls love their dresses and pinafores, and are sensible about wearing their pinafores to keep them from getting stained!

  5. A great way to *make* breakfast. What fun! LOVE that quilt!! Also, I am very impressed with your sunflowers! A chipmunk ate mine this year – I fully blamed my husband until I saw the chipmunk in action!!!

    • The sunflowers traveled here from the garden of a family member who lives four hours away! We loved getting a handful of the smaller ones, and that one big head! We have a few of the same plants here though they are not as far along because it is chillier at our house.

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