Rainbow Painting



Arianell listened carefully… 




…while Eugenia read her a story.

The new rainbow painting was sent to us by the youngest member of the human family…the Hittys love it!



8 thoughts on “Rainbow Painting

  1. That is quite a dramatic rainbow! The youngest human has an eye for drama and color! Eugenia is such a dear soul..as is Arianell.

  2. We are away for a day or two and have been cut off by floods and high winds, so missed this wonderful post when the internet went out.

    We can hardly wait until our youngest human person is old enough to help us out with examples of fine art but, at the moment, he is still given to embellishing the table as well as any paper on top of it, so he only uses wax crayons and paper ten times the size of a Hitty. Please congratulate your smallest human on providing such a lovely piece of work. I think she is influenced by a Southwest desert palette, it is very cheery.

    Roberta N-Quite-Hitty xj

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