The Oranges of Seville

Quimper Hittys Make Marmalade

Saturday afternoon in the Quimperhitty household finds the CBC Radio turned on full blast so we can hear opera “Live from the Met” …today is Il Barbiere di Seviglia which prompts the Hittys to make marmalade.  First you take Three Pounds of Seville Oranges…


Constance Scrubs the skins of the oranges.

Fortunately, Constance is very experienced in scrubbing.  All the Oranges need to be perfectly clean.




This is the kiss of Tosca! oops, wrong Opera.

The Oranges all have to be punctured! Then they get boiled for an hour and a half in six pints of water.



Constance admires the paper thin sliced peel.

The innards are scooped out and the seeds strained out.  Seeds get tied into a cloth, and boiled for another ten minutes in the orange liquid to extract the pectin then removed and discarded.  The peel gets sliced into slivers!

Approaching the Sheeting Stage.


The peel goes back in the liquid with the seedless pulp and six pounds of sugar.  It all gets boiled and boiled till the “sheeting stage”.


Maybe someone will make Hitty-sized scones tomorrow!



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10 thoughts on “The Oranges of Seville

  1. This is a most creative way to enjoy opera for those of us who are not as immersed in it. Yes, it’s all very inspirational in every aspect!

  2. One of my best meals is a hot cup of tea, bread, butter and marmalade…….Would love to get a bottle of Tansy’s marmalade. They had so much fun making it……..I am sure it is quite delicious !!!

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