May Bonnets


I hunted all over the house for a form to make bonnets out of hatstraw, and found a medicine dispenser just the right shape and size.


It is easier to get the hats the same shape and size if there is a form to work around. I stitched the hatstraw tightly, working over the hat mold to shape the crown part of the bonnet.




I stitched the brim part loosely, and free-hand, so it would flare a bit. The plastic medicine dispenser is a bit slippery. I think I will ask my friend if her friend can make me a tiny wooden hat-form.




Constance thinks it makes a nice-shaped bonnet…


In fact, three girls (so far) are happy with them!


I like making Hittys smile!

22 thoughts on “May Bonnets

  1. What a great idea! Also, I often carve one to fit the specific doll. Like Hat Roy. Love this Bonnet! Janet

  2. These are very nice straw bonnets for your Hittys. You’ve given us a very notable tip on how to shape them.

  3. I saw a hat of thin lines of hat straw at the St. Vincent de Paul shop downtown Victoria (Yates st ?. It was multicoloured in rainbow colours so maybe you could have made a red one, purple, blue etc. ) was slightly sun faded on outside, still bright inside…should have bought it for 2 bucks. anyhow might be still there as store closed on Sunday

    • I am glad you like them, I have been having fun making them up! I quite like them just so, but might look out a few fripperies and furbelows to decorate them up a bit.

    • I like them in all the colours – I have made five so far! The weather around here suggests I should be making sou’westers, but I will be optimistic and continue to make straw bonnets!

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