World Turtle Day

A Voracious Loony-eating Turtle

World Turtle Day is May 23rd…Constance and Tansy decide to find out about Turtles by going to the Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary…there they hoped to see Turtles sunning on logs in the lake, but alas it was a chilly day, so they went into the Nature house…the donation turtle was very exciting, and ate as many Loonies as they could stuff into its mouth!

Making use of the library.

The books are filled with interesting facts – the earliest recognizable turtle fossil is around two hundred million years old!  Scientists have recently found a  Fossilized Turtle in Columbia that would have been as big as a smart car when alive!


Cuddling up to the heat lamp.

The girls refrain from jumping into the tank with the painted turtle.



Constance and Tansy admire the x-ray.

The Nature House has some extremely cool stuff  – like this X-ray showing a turtle’s insides – even some eggs!



More Painted Turtles

Constance and Tansy are inspired to make Painted Turtle cookies for their Quimper Hitty Sisters..


6 thoughts on “World Turtle Day

  1. Oh my! Who knew there was a World Turtle Day? The Bonsai Hittys appreciate the Quimper Hittys informing them about this important day. And we all enjoyed the photos very much.

  2. What a fun outing. We grew up with desert tortoises all around. I love these reptiles in all their variety, though I’m glad, and I’m sure the diminutive Hittys are as well, that there aren’t car sized turtles around to eat us.

    • Constance says the Turkish word for tortoise is Kaplumbaga – isn’t that the greatest word? I used to ride on a Galapagos Tortoise in Como Park Zoo when I was about 4 – they seemed as big as cars to me then.

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