Colour Congruence

Hitty Lap Rug

Hitty Lap Rug

The human weaver in whose house the loom (and Constance) resides has finished her share of the warp. While waiting for the last blocks to be woven by the other weavers she has taken up the knitting needles 

Greens reds and yellows

Greens reds and yellows

The warp was wound two years ago, and the sock yarn bought around then too. I like how even though the same colours are being used, they look completely different in the end product. Constance regrets that yet another pair of Hitty sleeping bags is leaving the Quimper Hitty Household.


Happy Birthday Annie from the Quimper Hittys.



13 thoughts on “Colour Congruence

  1. i do love these posts regarding the weaving and the knitting. hmmmm, Hitty sleeping bags, eh??
    Oh yes, I love those colors also!!

  2. Lovely warm socks. Or sleeping bags. I don’t blame the Hittys to despair when a pair like this leaves the house. I hope they get some sleeping bags of their own soon.

  3. Constance loves hand-knitted socks, and these turned out especially beautiful. They went to a good home – I gave them to my sister for her birthday. We’re hoping to take the cloth off of the loom this weekend!

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