Spindles for sale

Spindle forest

Constance and I were invited to a “Spin-in” on the weekend – it was a lovely sunny day between storms and we were delighted to go on an outing.  The sanctuary space at St Mary’s Church in Metchosin was packed with two double rows of people spinning on either side of a centre aisle.  The atmosphere was truly divine with  spinning wheels whirring, people chattering, cups of tea floating back and forth, babies, grannies – my idea of heaven certainly!

Watching people spin for too long can make one dizzy. Fortunately the church basement was occupied by vendors selling bales and bags and braids of wool.  Constance sat to rest a while among the drop spindles at the Knotty By Nature Table. We left with a large churro fleece prepared by the Qualicum Bay Fibre Works  and a bag of gorgeous black icelandic fleece from Tideview Farm!


11 thoughts on “Spin-in

  1. that would have been a wonderous thing to see!!! It just sounds so soul satisfying. I am sure you and Constance enjoyed it greatly!

  2. This photograph of Constance among the drop spindles is amazing. My hittys and I don’t think we will ever see
    anything like this. Thanks Constance – we love your adventures.

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