Sleepover at Cranberry Manor

Monopoly at midnight

Monopoly at midnight

A couple of the Quimper Hittys accompanied their human on a trip to Tennessee, where a Hitty carving workshop took place last weekend. Humans and dolls are still trying to recover from the fun. Min had a special invitation to come for a sleepover at Cranberry Manor. What a stunningly beautiful Hitty house, filled with perfectly amazing Hitty sized things.  Fortunately Min and the other girls were able to borrow PJ’s, nightgowns, or Mickey Mouse sleep shirts from Calamity’s wardrobe…after which they ate popcorn and played Monopoly all night. 


The girls climb into bed

The girls climb into bed

Extra beds were moved in to Cranberry Manor’s bedroom, but I don’t think much sleeping happened that night!


14 thoughts on “Sleepover at Cranberry Manor

  1. The Cranberry Manor Hittys had almost as much fun with their friends as I did with mine!
    PS I’ll be thinking of you while eating catfish tonight! 🙂

  2. OH I am so happy for you!!! I know it must have been a wonderful experience!! I am trying to be noble and not envious….the effort is taxing!! Love the photos. Min looks to be having a fine time. What a great visit and you got more carving knowledge!! YEA!!!

  3. forgot to say I love the glimpses of Cranberry Manor…what a fairy land of a home!! And the night shirts and p.j.s…adorable.

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