Pink Somnolence


On a sunny afternoon, the Youngest Human brought a basket-full of Comox Valley Hittys to visit…




…the pigs at Lochside!

Click here for their Instagram account, and many pictures!




The pigs were large, hairy and fast asleep.




Henrietta hopped out for a closer look…(she wasn’t actually very close, the pigs are very large!). The young human liked the sound of the gentle snoring sounds the pigs were making the entire time.



Brewer’s Blackbird

A flock of blackbirds hopped around, foraging in the pig’s yard.  This is a female Brewer’s Blackbird, males are glossy iridescent black with a startling white eye.  The pigs didn’t seem to care, even when the birds hopped right on top of them.



pig food

The Comox Valley Hittys were glad when Henrietta hopped back into the basket…



Duck Eggs

…and they all went off to collect a dozen duck eggs from the farmer (the Comox valley Hittys are thinking about waffles!).



Sleep Well

The pigs stayed asleep the entire time…Sleep well!!



15 thoughts on “Pink Somnolence

  1. No one can sleep like a pig. They smile while they snore. I would have been unable to resist getting a thin stick and giving them a gentle scratch from a respectful distance, as I used to on the next door farm, as a child.

    • That sounds very brave and daring of you! Maybe with a very long stick…the pigs were very smiley, gently snoring and somnolent. I wouldn’t want to disturb their repose…

  2. Pigs are very interesting creatures. How nice that they were in a state of rest at the time for observation by all.

  3. what a nice soft bed those pigs were lying on…high and dry. Glad that the little ones did not venture closer….pigs can be pretty alarming….very agile and smart! Hope the youngest human had a lovely day.

  4. High and dry indeed, the pigs definitely chose the driest spot in the yard, and the spot where the sun lasted well into the afternoon…on top of a nice bed of wood chips – snore, snore, snore…

  5. they are all so lovely… I loved the story and photographs, Little world with Real world, you did amazing again, Thank you dear, Love, nia

    • Thank you! We enjoyed the visit with our animal friends. Our dear young human was happy too, and the Hittys really love to get outside! We think it is nice to see the “real world’ through a “little world” perspective, because all the big problems shrink too for a little while!

      • exactly, we all need this… You are welcome, have a nice evening and a new day, Love, nia

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