Three Socks

Three Socks

Three Socks

Rose is always willing to help with a knitting project. Here she is encouraging me through the making of my first ever toe-up socks. I took a ball of wool, a pattern and my knitting needles on my recent trip to Colombia, and used the time waiting in airports, flying between destinations and in the evenings to knit a pair of grown-up socks.  As I ended up with a small ball of the pretty yarn leftover,  I’ve been using it to make toddler socks for the youngest member of the human family. Since the original ball of wool was a gift from her father, it seemed an appropriate thing to do with the extra.  I also think it is a good idea to provide socks for toddlers in threes, because at least one is bound to disappear – and I don’t think she’ll mind that each is a slightly different pattern.

8 thoughts on “Three Socks

  1. What a great idea! Three socks…slightly different and all looking good..Ha! Ha!….think you just created a market for the toddler in each of us!!! You never cease to amaze us!

  2. How very thoughtful of you to do this for the youngest…and oh so good to have a Hitty along to encourage. I definitely know how that is.

  3. My grandson has declared that he doesn’t like store bought socks at all, that he only likes the ones that I knit for him. This has encouraged his mamma to start knitting socks since keeping our little one supplied with handknit socks is going to take both of us! Your little one might discover that grandmother socks are the best, too, and insist on only wearing them! 🙂

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