Shopping for Stollen

Shopping for Stollen

Perdita is a totally happy Hitty, she is neither lost, nor strayed, but today she was elected to be the Hitty’s Stollenmädchen.




Our celebration is going to be much smaller than the one in Dresden today! For one thing we don’t have a 1,800 kilogram Stollen, and for another, there aren’t enough Hittys to make a whole procession. Still, Perdita is dressed up in a light blue gown and white apron, and gets to ride on our little stollenwagon…

Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker

Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker

…and she is cheered on by the Butchers, Bakers and Candlestick makers of the household (though we don’t have chimney sweeps, oom-pah-pah bands or a butter proclamation).


Cutting the Stollen

Cutting the Stollen

The most exciting part is at the end of the ride, when the stollen is divided up using an enormous sharp cutting implement (Gráinne is only too happy to help with that)…



and everyone gets a taste!

Thanks to Bubby Rose’s Bakery/Cafe for the stollen;  Click here for a link to their website.

Click here for a link to the Dresden Stollen Festival and have a look at the giant stollen…






10 thoughts on “Stollenmädchen

  1. Well, even without all the amenities of Dresden, your celebration still looks German….unlike the “German Christmas market” we’re at in Quebec city tonight…ONE german merchant: minden Haus (cookies)!!!! Still…the Hittys find the setting is worth the trip!!!

  2. Oh, this is such a delightful scenario….I felt like I was back in olden days as you set the scene with the stollenwagon, etc…..just delightful.

  3. what a wonderful celebration for the season! The Quimper Hittys are endlessly talented and charming. I thoroughly enjoyed the procession . Thank you for yet more instruction and inspiration.

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