Rainbow Quilt

Eight Pointed Star

Eight Pointed Star

Carrot Soup is the recipient of this very lovely and completely unexpected gift of a rainbow-flavoured eight-pointed star quilt.


 A very kind and super-talented new Hitty friend gave it to us today.  She said it was to remind us that rainbows exist in the world! What a great reminder…we may only be able to see clouds and fog, but there is sunshine around the edges, and there might be a rainbow star in the middle, won’t there be beautiful dreams under rainbow stars!!!

We all love the gift – thank you so much!

Our Hitty friend has a Quilting blog where she described making this quilt – Click here to see it!






16 thoughts on “Rainbow Quilt

  1. Talent bounty!!!! Our wooden world is so full of creative minds, hearts and hands!!! We are blessed and privileged with all the sharing!!!! A ray of sunshine in each day 😃

  2. Oh, the mini quilt looks so perfect there. I love to see the quilts I make in their happy new homes! What a lovely blog, your dolls are amazing. just like you. I am so glad we connected.

  3. Carrot Soup looks so pleased with her new quilt and well she should be. Lovely work. I did peek in at her blog and what fun! Thank you for sharing that with us.

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