Exciting Astronomical News!

Exciting Astronomical News!

Opal and Agathe were excited about the transit of Mercury today…the closest planet to the sun will be  crossing in front of the sun – visible in Victoria and many other places on Earth with the proper scientific equipment!

There it is!

There it is!

The block twins don’t have a solar-filtered telescope, so Agathe found the Greenwich Observatory’s live feed on the computer…




It didn’t seem all that much like astronomy…




…so they set up their telescope…


A little to the left

A little to the left

…and pointed it at the computer…



I see It!

There it is!!

…that’s more like it!

10 thoughts on “Transit

  1. The twins come up with the most unique solutions to situations. How clever of them to point their scope at the computer to get a better view of Mercury line up with the Sun and Earth. I think if anyone could come up with an explanation for “What is Dark Energy” it is them.

    • Perhaps the Physical Cosmologists and Astronomers should consider studying the twins – they certainly tend to accelerate the expansion of fun in the Hitty Cupboard (which is almost an entire universe to them)!

  2. the block twins are so resourceful!! Thanks for alerting us to this event. Altho I suspect that here in humid cloudy Mo it is not an event we will be involved in.

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