Bee Balm gardening



Carrot Soup and Carya helped Min admire her Bee Balm garden…



Min is very careful to keep the soil slightly damp – only couple of drops of water a day.



There isn’t much weeding to do, yet…

Secondary Leaves!


…some of the Bee Balm seedlings have sprouted their second (true) leaves!





10 thoughts on “Bee Balm gardening

    • Min is very happy gardening – and Carrot Soup is learning to like it too. Carya thinks gardening is pleasant, but doesn’t get out of the cupboard very often, so doesn’t get involved in many longer term projects.

  1. I’d say Min looks dazzled by the progress the Bee Balm is making. It’s fun to see such wonder in the dolls’ faces.

  2. It is always a wonderful thing when others help us admire our gardening efforts. Min is doing a great job of nurturing her little babies.

  3. Min is quite the little Hitty. Her eyes are so expressive. She is delighted with the growing sprouts and I love the way her friends are there to share in the fun and also help. That little trowel and claw are just too cute.

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