Indoor Forest

Indoor forest

Indoor forest

Aurelia is happy I finally got around to making her some leggings!  The experience did remind me why I prefer sewing tiny clothes by hand!



Her winter coat is almost done too, but our snow has melted away! Never mind, Aurelia is happy in the indoor forest of candy canes…



…and gingerbread!


14 thoughts on “Indoor Forest

  1. Aurelia’s leggings look cozy warm and oh so comfy. They fit her perfectly…and that telltale frosting on her lip tells me why she is smiling. She is a happy Hitty indeed.

    • She is warm and cosy! She loves her green leggings and wonders why all Hittys don’t have them. I know why they don’t in this household – because my sewing machine eats tiny clothes!

  2. what a sweet posting. is that fondant icing on your gingerbread? My buttercream never looks that smooth. Love the pic with icing on her lips!!! cute

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