Ceramic, textile and wooden treasures

We’ve just been on a short but delightful trip to meet a friend who was in Vancouver for two days. She had a moment between some business in the US, and before her return home to Japan, and invited me to spend a day with her.  Since first meeting at a carving workshop four years ago, we’ve kept in touch by email on subjects such as pottery, proper Kimono assembly, and philosophy.   Our friend gave us two beautiful plates and a food-serving dish made by ceramic artists in her village. We went together to three of my favourite places in Vancouver:

Maiwa on Granville Island (click here for information about their philosophy, shops and classes). We each bought a garment there, and the Hittys persuaded me to buy some Hitty sleeping bag (merino sock) yarn…

The UBC Museum of Anthropology (click here to learn about one of the first Museums I ever worked in, and the place that directed me into Textile Conservation as a profession). Thanks so much to Dr Fuyubi Nakamura for giving us a bilingual guided tour of the collections…

The Nitobe Memorial Garden (click here to learn about this usually tranquil classic Japanese garden). My friend said it was probably the most accurate Japanese Garden she’d seen outside Japan (despite the distraction of the squealing bride and bridesmaids taking selfies)

It was day rich with conversations, culture, friendship and memories…




…but after a whirlwind trip to Vancouver, Constance and Gráinne were glad to be on their way home again!



Gráinne thinks Ferry-boats are somewhat ponderous vessels, but she is glad to at least be able to gaze out to sea from the deck of a ship once in a while…


Right over there – see that huge splash?

… the tranquil islands, zillions of jellyfish, cormorants, tiny fish hopping out of the water and the sunset were delightful, but the main treat of the evening was seeing the humpback whales breaching!

We like to travel, but it is very reassuring to get back to our Island.


12 thoughts on “Returns

  1. I didn’t know textile conservation was you profession. very cool. I have some upholstery fabric made by servants in my family’s home in the early 1800s. I should show it to you some day.

  2. This doesn’t happen very often but I’m speechless. You are so interesting and fun. Thanks for taking us along with you on these adventures.

    • It was – we were not hurried and only had three things to do – two of them in close proximity. I really enjoyed the visit with my friend. I think the bowl is beautiful too – I love its sea snail shell shape and that little shrimp inside!

  3. Thank you for the links to the sites you visited…I got to take a virtual tour of them! I am sure it would be a lot more fun with you and the little ones! Happy to hear you has such a nice day with your friend,

    • It was fun! I will remember my friend when I use the dishes or wear the block-printed skirt I bought, it was fun to spend the day with her. I will certainly do the same for you if you ever make it this far north and west!

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