A new Friend

A fair violet, loveliest of the glade.

A new Little Quimper Hitty Friend arrived at our house on October 18, 2012.  She was carved by Gustavo Trullet in Buenos Aires, Argentina, her face was painted by Happy Herbert and she was clothed by another Hitty friend.  She started her doll life as a “little Quaker maid” at Pendle Hill, Pennsylvania so I gave her the name of the relative who worked this sampler at a Quaker school in Ireland almost two hundred years ago.

The text of the sampler is adapted from a play written by Hannah More, an 18th century bluestocking, poet, educator and philanthropist.  Hannah More and her sister established schools for poor children, and wrote tracts in support of female education and critical of the slave trade.  Her ideas met with opposition from all sides… “the farmers thought that education, even to the limited extent of learning to read, would be fatal to agriculture, and the clergy, whose neglect she was making good, accused her of Methodist tendencies”.

Mary Ann is looking forward to being a member of the Quimper Hitty family.




12 thoughts on “A new Friend

  1. Wow! You actually have a relative-made sampler from 1828. That is amazing. Lucky you to have such a beautiful new Hitty!

  2. What a lovely and beautiful what read, what I learn, what I see, and sure what I feel… This should be exciting, Thank you to everyone who contributed, this is great post. Love and Hugs, nia

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