Pin Afore

Five Inch Square

Tephra helped with a Pinafore-stitching project this morning. First we cut a five-inch square of fabric…




Measure and Snip

…and folded one side one inch over. The exact middle of the folded edge was marked with a pin. Then, measuring 5/8 of an inch on each side of the centre pin, we drew a line from the fold to the bottom of the folded edge, and then snipped that corner out. This leaves a big rectangle (the pinafore skirt) with a small rectangle on top (the pinafore bib)




We folded the small rectangle down a tiny bit below the side cuts (this will leave a small seam allowance along the top edge of the pinafore skirt).

Then we stitched down the sides, snipped the top and bottom corners, and turned the small rectangle right side out.



Cotton Tape

The seam allowance was folded over and gathered slightly, and a thirteen inch long narrow cotton tape was stitched to one edge of the pinafore skirt, across the bib section and then to the other gathered edge.

The sides and bottom were hemmed.




The ends of the cotton tape form the ties..



…and the bib is pinned afore! Voila!

This is a variation of the Half-Pint Apron Dress click here for a link to that post.







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