Fluffy Seeds


Ginny discovered something marvelous…


…the Willow Herb flowers have turned into fluff…




Let’s look closer…



 Click on any picture below to see the fluff close-up, then navigate using the arrows on the right or left of the picture.



Aren’t weeds amazing!

Thanks to our favourite photographer for the macro shots of the Willow Herb seeds!

To see the Willow Herb before it turned into fluff, Click Here.





10 thoughts on “Fluffy Seeds

  1. I too agree with the ladies above. Recently, I found myself considering that the cottonwood trees in our area are some of my favorites of all time-their cottony seeds too are fascinating.

  2. Just like the previous commenters, I was awestruck by the wonders of nature. What gorgeous photos, showing the exquisite patterns in nature! Another thing that I hadn’t really gotten, was how petite Ginny really is! Amelia holding her really showed that! How tall is she? 2 inches? 1 1/2 inches?

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