Haida Gwaii Forest Walk

Boardwalk up to Tow Hill.

Constance and Tansy visited Haida Gwaii in August and went on several walks in the Coastal Temperate Rain Forest. They really enjoyed the climb up Tow Hill at the northeast tip of Graham Island, even though the convenient boardwalk path was more human than doll sized.

Tow Hill platform view.

The view from the platforms was amazing – looking down at the treetops on a misty soggy rain forest day.   Tansy enjoyed showing Constance around Haida Gwaii...Constance was very impressed!


Deep Moss cave.

 Thick deep moss covers everything eventually in the rainforest. There are lots of nooks and crannies in the moss to explore. Constance imagines the hidden people on these islands would be quite different to the ones in Iceland.



Wildlife in the moss.

Tansy and Constance were so busy ascending this giant Moss lump, they didn’t notice the wildlife.  Fortunately, though the slugs are enormous, they eat rotten wood, and have no interest in dolls.



Red Huckleberries.

Tansy finds red huckleberries in the forest.



Lap Full of Berries.

The girls think anywhere with edible berries is a good place to be…they love the Haida Gwaii forest.





20 thoughts on “Haida Gwaii Forest Walk

  1. Constance and Tansy almost meld into the Haida Gwaii forest. The Quimper Hittys bring alot of natural fascination to their readers. Thank you.

  2. Lovely post – those girls are so up for any travel adventure. Nice to see Tansy acting as a guide after her own saga in Haida Gwaii early this year. I hope she taught some local tree, like cedar and spruce, to Constance so they could learn some of the forest secrets.

  3. Your slug is quite different from slugs here in the lower Puget Sound area. Ours don’t have ridges along their backs. When I was growing up in California, the slugs in the coastal mountain forests were quite yellow, with black spots, and were known as “Banana Slugs.” Constance seems fully recovered from her “incident.”

    • We call these banana slugs too, even though they are the colour of unripe bananas, a bit greenish…then there are the large glossy black ones with ridges – those are the liquorice slugs. Constance is as good as new, her nose was always rather flat, so the fact it was bitten off and reglued isn’t that apparent.

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