Comox Valley Cookies Part 1


The Comox Valley Hitties read the ingredients for cookies.



They found the ingredients bowl but there were no ingredients.



No Eggs!

They checked the ingredients and saw there were no eggs!




They walked down the road to the neighbours to get eggs.




They got the eggs.



To be continued….this is part one of several instalments all planned, photographed and dictated by Frida!




8 thoughts on “Comox Valley Cookies Part 1

  1. Goodness gracious, Frida is growing into a wonderful young lady. One with many talents and…a very elegant silhouette! What great adventures you share 😘

    • She is, she has, and we do! This adventure was devised on her own however, and assisted by a parent (and some Hittys) in the Comox Valley – I was far away to the south in Victoria. It did thoroughly warm my heart to see this independent Hitty fun!

  2. Cookie making is not something to be rushed! It appears that the Comax Valley cooks are being quite thorough in their approach. Looking forward to the next installment.

    • We agree, and we feel so fortunate to have been given a view of this Comox Valley Hitty adventure! I feel like I was right there with them! It was so nice that the parent was happy for me to share it with you!

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