A Miss Pinch Pelisse IV

Snipping off the buttons.

Getting the blue velvet shirt ready for its transformation into a Hitty Pelisse takes rather a lot of preparation. First all the buttons have to be snipped off…

Always use the appropriate tool for the job.

The Wilkinson Sword scissors easily slash through the stitches.  Each stitch has to be snipped as trying to rip them will result in ripped and distorted fabric. At the end of the snipping there is a pile of pieces – one back, two sleeves, and two front pieces.


Steaming out the wrinkles.

Next is a steaming extravaganza.  Ironing velvet is a big mistake…all you can do is hover the iron over the reverse side of the fabric, and apply steam – tensioning it slightly until the creases are released. The hardest thing is to leave the fabric untouched until it is dry again, and back at room temperature.  If you pick it up before that, the wrinkles want to re-form…leave it alone – be patient!



Constance wonders if she can find a use for seventeen steel bobble buttons!



This is the fourth post about making the “Miss Pinch Pelisse”…  click here to see all the posts about the Pelisse.



10 thoughts on “A Miss Pinch Pelisse IV

  1. Does Constance have an interest in fishing and net making? Those buttons would make good net weights – she could catch minnows, or maybe herring. I expect she observed some good ways of doing this on her trip to Iceland.

  2. That is going to be one beautiful Pelisse. Constance could use the steel bobbles for different projects – She is such a talented girl. She could teach us a few things about sewing.

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