Apple Pip in November


The Apples are gone, the leaves are gone, the branches are almost bare… Pip admires the lichens.

Lichen in the Apple Tree.

This is a lovely crop of lichen, and Pip admires the colour and texture,  but it is all a bit damp.



A shelter of sorts.

This could be a nice little refuge if it were a little more sheltered.



That’s an improvement.

This might work, at least until the next big wind!


If you want to see Pip’s adventures in the apple tree, month by month, click this link.



13 thoughts on “Apple Pip in November

  1. Does Pip live in the tree, or just hang out there a lot? I hope s/he has somewhere else to hide when a storm is blowing, or during the snow, not to mention when the crows visit.

  2. Lichen seems to be doing really well this fall, here too. We had some yellow slime mold that might interest Pip. We had not noticed that in previous years!

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