Waffle Weave 2

The edge of the Waffle

Living on the edge

Constance sits at the selvedge of the Waffle Weave tea towel.  

The weaving is going slowly, because the loom is on the other side of town, and we can’t just sit down and weave a little when we have five minutes to spare.   Still, we are almost half-way done and like the result as the pattern is getting established.



10 thoughts on “Waffle Weave 2

  1. I always wanted to learn to weave. I tried it once, and it’s much harder than it looks, especially dressing the loom.
    And I don’t think I have the concentration for it…….lol I hope Constance doesn’t fall off! It looks like she’s in a precarious position! 🙂

    • During the weaving there is a lot of action – throwing the shuttle, beating the wefts, cranking the handles, treading on the pedals, Constance only sits on the web when I am taking a break.

  2. Your work is very nicely done and such pretty colors worked together. I think I’ll solicit one of my Hittys to go for tea when things get muddled here…very good idea.

  3. Constance is such a well rounded HItty…so many interests and so many talents. She seems the perfect companion for multi talented YOU!! Lovely weaving.

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