Yellow Hat Tea!

Yellow Bonnet

Constance put on her yellow finery…




…and went to admire the lovely yellow flower print (made by a relative for the Hittys!)!



Yellow Hat

Henrietta put her yellow Hat on…



Tea Party

…and they both sat down to have a Yellow Hat Society tea party.

This is a Hitty tradition started by a Hitty friend in Denmark…Hittys meet at least once a year, wearing a yellow hat. The aim is to reflect on the spirit of original Hitty her generosity and love, her patience and endurance and her special kind of humour.  We think making an effort to think about cheering and positive things is an excellent idea in this cold covid winter.




Our dearest favourite photographer provided this encouraging Friday bouquet last week – the florist gave him the yellow blossoms free!


16 thoughts on “Yellow Hat Tea!

  1. Oh my Gosh, Yes!!!!! We all need some cheer and positive things to think about. I can think of nothing brighter that Yellow. Your girls look beautiful.
    It’s still snowing here in the Eastern states…worse Winter in years.

    • Oh that endless snow…I hope it starts disappearing pretty soon. I am so happy that the days are noticeably longer, and that we are getting more daylight, even if obscured by clouds. The Hittys are doing their best to make a positive atmosphere in the cupboard!

  2. This is so delightful! I love the sunny sweetness of all the yellow hats and flowers and other treasures. Years ago, there was a neat book about different color hat thinking, and yellow hat thinking is always about sunny optimism and the promise of good things unfolding. I always find that with the much loved Quimper HItties! Thank you! ❤

  3. what happy colors! The bouquet is lovely….your favorite photographer is very thoughtful and a person of exquisite taste! Love the yellow hats. My girls are planning their own Yellow Hat meeting for 2021. Thanks for the inspiring photos.

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