1930’s Quilt Gallery II

More 30s Quilts (1a)

Min, Constance and Patience are sitting on a pile of little quilts.  The Human has been busy making several more Hitty quilts using old fabrics from the old yoyo quilt (Click here for previous posts about the yoyo quilt recycling project).

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This is a gallery slideshow of the nine quilts I made. Each Quilt has a nine patch oriented on the diagonal in the centre.  All the fabrics in the nine patch are from the original yoyo quilt. The green triangles framing the centre block are a modern fabric, but the same colour as one of the yoyo fabrics that I used up.  The pink or blue triangles are from the original yoyos.  The rectangular strips in the border are either vintage print (pink with white flowers outlined in grey) or modern reproduction 1930’s prints (green and white flowers;  red, yellow and blue flowers on black cross-hatching; and yellow starburst pattern).  The pink  backing fabric turned over to make the outer border is vintage fabric, the grey print is as well, and the olivey green is reproduction 1930’s fabric. 


More 30s Quilts (2)

A scatter of quilts

Constance and Min are at this very moment in Tennessee, having accompanied their human to a carving workshop.  A new Hitty sister is destined to accompany them home, and these little quilts will stay behind as gifts for the fellow carvers.



14 thoughts on “1930’s Quilt Gallery II

  1. A terrific collection, and such a nice gift for your fellow work-shoppers! I hope it is going very well, and a lovely sister is emerging for the Quimper Hittys.

  2. Carefully done, detailed stitches, no doubt happy recipients and another sister! Wow, what a treasure chest the Quimper Hittys have and allow us to be a part of. Thank you so much. It’s always such an honor to see your work as well as Quimper adventures.

  3. What beautiful work – We love quilts and these are some of the nicest we have seen. So much detail and such neat work – truly amazing !!!

    • I am glad you liked the quilts, it was fun to make and give them away. A little wooden girl arrived home with us, she is destined for my little girl’s little girl (eventually). She’ll live in the Hitty cupboard until everyone is past the chewing, hammering and temper tantrum stage.

  4. Lucky fellow carvers!! Your quilts are so well designed and pretty. And you will be returning with a new Hitty?
    Can’t wait to see the new addition to the family and to hear about the carving class!

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