Tennessee Goodbye

Dulcimer Party

Dulcimer Party

On the last evening of the doll carving workshop, new dolls and old dolls gathered together for a goodbye party.  Everyone contributed to the musical joy, some  singing, some conducting and some by playing an instrument (lots of mountain dulcimers in this part of the country).


Guitar and accordian accompaniment

Guitar and accordion accompaniment

The tunes were tuneful and the dolls were sweet!


Lined up at the "Neccessary"

Lined up at the “Neccessary”

The new girls all wanted to check out the Tennessee outhouse behind the cabin.  





One last Duet

One last Duet

Min and her new friend played one last duet as the cicadas provided continuo and the fireflies winked outside.


18 thoughts on “Tennessee Goodbye

  1. What an amazing class you went to. Dulcie is a darling, and so are all these other dolls. I love the outhouse picture, what a great way to catch all the new girls in a photo.

  2. My girls are enchanted by the musical instruments. All they have are a fiddle and a wash tub!! Great pics
    and great story. What a fun time for all!!

  3. The new Quimper sister is a beauty. I am sure Constance cannot wait to show her around the Quimper household. Love all the musical instruments and outhouse. Beautiful pictures.

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