Great Bills of Opera

Constance convinces Tansy to re-enact her favourite part in William Tell

Tansy re-enacts Bill Tell

Constance was looking forward to the new opera season of Saturday Afternoon at the Opera on CBC Radio.  Much to her shock and dismay, it appears that the host Bill Richardson has been replaced!  

Therefore, instead of listening to Carmen on the radio again, Constance is celebrating Great Bills of Opera, starting with Guglielmo Tell an opera in four acts by Gioachino Rossini.


Playbills of Opera

Playbill and Libretto of Bill Shakespeare-inspired Opera

William Shakespeare  inspired many operas  from The Fairy Queen by Purcell, first performed in 1692, to The Tempest by Thomas Adès (Constance’s favourite 2012 production at the MET).



Constance sets on a Sail

Ambiance of Billy Budd

Benjamin Britten composed the opera Billy Budd based on a sad sea story by Herman Mellville, in which the hero was a good man in a bad place.  Constance likes Britten’s operas very much.  She has seen A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespeare again) and Albert Herring, but has never had the chance to see Billy Budd…maybe some day…



The shrine of Bill

The shrine of Bill Richardson

Ah, Bill (Richardson), we will miss your canny remarks and distilled insights, we hope you’re having fun on your next adventure…(portrait by Alex Waterhouse-Hayward).



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8 thoughts on “Great Bills of Opera

  1. The departure of Bill Richardson seemed rather abrupt, though perhaps I was not paying attention in the lead up. I expect that Constance will soon be used to Ben Heppner as host.

    Is Constance reliving the original Hitty’s adventures on a whaling boat with a bit of a climb through the rigging of that ship?

    • We were surprised at the vanishment of Bill Richardson. Ben will be an interesting host too, with insider’s view of Opera, but we just wanted to say goodbye to Bill today.

      Constance does enjoy a little re-enactment, and persuaded Tansy to participate today.

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