December Chill

December ChillHattie came to work with me today – and we were both caught short by a little flurry of snow.



Fortunately Hattie was able to share my glorious mittens on the cold, dark and slippery walk home.

7 thoughts on “December Chill

  1. Were you wrapped as snugly and warmly as dear little Hattie? We do not have any snow yet , just very frigid temps. Unlike Hattie I am just not ready for this cold stuff!!

    • I was warm! Outside my work clothes I was wearing my Australian merino sweater, Channel Island Geurnsey, Canadian ski vest, Norwegian scarf, Swedish design mittens, and hand-knit Japanese Noro yarn hat…fortunately I always wear my hiking boots for the 5 km walk to work, and I was happy to share one of the mittens with poor shivering Hattie.

    • She was pleased, and her pegs didn’t seize up. I must remember to bring a coat, cloak or at least a sweater for the girls when they come to work with me in winter. They do have their cosy traveling bags, but they do need one more layer. We weren’t expecting the snow!

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