Tansy’s Bed

Watchmen’s Cabin

Tansy is back from SGaang Gwaay!



Boat Ride

The hard work on Haida Gwaii is done for now – Tansy, Paul, the Favourite Photographer and other crew took a boat ride back to Skidegate…



Plane Ride

Tansy and the photographer carried on to Victoria by plane…




…where they were both very happy to be sleeping in their own beds again, with feline foot-warmers!




The felines are pretty happy to have them back too!






8 thoughts on “Tansy’s Bed

  1. One’s own bed is the best bed!!!! Especially after being away and…roughing it! Welcome back to both Tansy and favorite photographer.

  2. How sweet it is. Love seeing Tansy and her foot warmer!! Too cute! Glad she and the favorite photographer made it home safe and sound.

  3. Is there a better feeling than sleeping in your own bed after being away???? So happy they are back safe and sound. Looks like Tansy was kept warm and cozy in her beautiful new sweater.

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