Othello Cake IV

Hitty has finished the cake!

Last two layers of the cake: chocolate icing made by melting 4 oz semi-sweet chocolate and two tablespoons unsalted butter in the top of a double boiler, stirring in 3/4 cup icing sugar, 1 tablespoon rum and 2 tablespoons strong good coffee…this is spread on the top, and the marzipan cornets are arranged in a circle on the top.  Last thing is a layer of whipped cream around the sides. Pop the cake into the fridge to chill a while.

Othello Cake slice.

Constance loves the Opera.  Today we went to the live HD broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera.  It is fun to go to the movie theater to see these productions. If you can and if you like opera, there is nothing comparable to  attending a live performance. We will try to go to Pacific Opera Victoria’s  three Operas this season,  however these Live from the MET broadcasts are a fun alternative.  Today’s presentation was Giuseppe Verdi’s Otello.  The rest of the Quimper Hittys are not wild about Opera, but approve of any excuse to eat cake…..



The cake has finished off the Hittys.

Mary Ann is concerned about the effect of the cake on Rose.  Gracia had a few bites and fainted operatically away and Patience’s eyes have glazed over. Constance thinks the cake is lovely, and definitely worth the effort, but perhaps she should cut the pieces smaller and maybe not make it too often.


What is it about this cake anyway?  One Opera aficionado said the cornets must be because of the trumpet fanfare at the beginning of the third act. We have been unable to find a definite reason for the name Othello Cake…some suggestions:

Because it is black and white, like Othello and Desdemona;

The cake is black and white on the surface but very much more complicated inside, like the play;

People will run mad with jealous passion if they have a piece of cake and think they might have to share it;

You need a bracing chunk of cake after such a depressing story, no matter how beautifully sung.

Constance thinks it might be because there are a lot of bodies lying around when it is all over…


To view Constance’s other opera experiences go to this link.

To view the complete Othello Cake Recipe go to this link.



12 thoughts on “Othello Cake IV

  1. This is a very dramatic ending to this operatic tragedy. I hope the Hittys have somehow “operatically” revived. Constance shows us once again how tough her wood is. ….Thanks for ongoing Hitty fun and adventure!

    • Gracia is still vapourish, Mary Ann helped Rose up and she is OK. Patience is still in a swoon (from the music it turns out, not the cake), and Constance is planning the next epicurean or operatic adventure.

  2. Constance seems to have a stronger constitution than the others! Such a yummy-looking cake definitely “wood” be hard to resist. Great story, and once again we learn something new (opera/cake relationships) today.

  3. I am still not completely over my pining for marzipan, only to visit today and find that the whole thing has been adorned with the most delicious looking chocolate! These posts have been both the source of joy and a rather large conundrum for me… two of my favorite food things all put together into one lovely cake! We’ll be there at 7.

  4. I want some of that cake – don’t care what happens after that, but I want some cake. It looks so delicious….Glad the hittys have recovered. Thank you Constance for the Othello cake recipe. I am going to save it in my recipe book to try at a later date.

    • Quimper Hittys have a new appreciation for the cost of beautiful and delicious cakes. If you don’t have many hours of prep time, we heartily recommend Patisserie Daniel at 1729 Cook St for their yummy cakes, and bread, and croissants, and gingerbread persons and tarts and flans and biscotti and…

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