This is Mungo, the boy Hitty-sized doll made by me. I carved him out of a piece of Yellow Cedar salvaged from a building that was condemned. The blank was cut by an obliging carpenter at my place of work.  The blank was a bit narrow, so I thought he’d have to be a boy (there wasn’t enough wood to make Hitty hair).

The original building was constructed by a man named Mungo, so I’d decided before he even had a face that that would be his name.

Absolutely by coincidence, Mungo was finished on January 13th, 2014, the feast day of St Mungo, patron saint of Glasgow. On the very first day he was decently attired, he and the Quimper Hittys celebrated Robbie Burns Day.



I had a bit of trouble with his joints – concentrating so hard on making a nice face, I ended up having to amend his hip joint with scraps of leather rolled around the dowel.  He seems undaunted!

He and Hattie have a lot in common, though maybe not the love of bagpipes!



14 thoughts on “Mungo

  1. what a super addition to the family. Mungo is just wonderful…from the top of his head to his booted toes. And that ensemble is fabulous!!! Looking forward to more exploits from Mungo. Will be interesting to see how he fits into the family.

  2. Ohhhh, he’s fabulous! I’ve only just found your blog. My dad would have loved to have seen photos of Mungo – what a splendid job on the costume as well as the beautiful carving. My husband now plays my dad’s bagpipes – I should figure out how to make a set for one of my Hittys to learn to play, they all enjoy listening to DH’s daily practice.

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