Anniversary Tablecloth

Off the loom

Off the loom

Constance and I have taken the linen plaited twill  warp off the loom…

Getting ready for a celebration

Getting ready for a celebration

…just in time for a special occasion!


A Happy Day

A Happy Day



It is the third anniversary of the first post on this blog!!!


Third Anniversary

Third Anniversary

We’ve been having so much fun!

I have found that having  this blog has been an inspiration to be creative, a great way to make new friends, a good excuse to make and acquire Hitty accoutrements, and to carve and clothe Hittys!!!

 Thanks to you, all my Hitty friends for your encouragement and for aiding and abetting the Hitty fun in my corner of the world, especially to the Hittys favourite photographer, who persuaded me to try it out in the first place!



28 thoughts on “Anniversary Tablecloth

  1. Happy anniversary – it’s been a pleasure reading your blog. I don’t always comment, but I always look. 🙂 Happy

  2. Happy blog anniversary!!! Thank you for the smiles, the great ideas and the sunshine you bring into our Hitty household every day!!!! Nice to be part of a ” family”. Hitty hugs to all.

  3. Happy Anniversary and thank you for Three Years of sharing your Quimper lives with all of us who love Hitty and the adventures of all the little wooden dolls in our lives.

  4. Hurrah to the favorite photographer who not only aids and abets but encouraged you to begin this blog! I have so enjoyed every episode and this one is no different! The tablecloth is so colorful and perfect. Also love the
    candelabra and the Quimper pottery. Congrats to you and your delightful family of dolls!!! And thank you!!

    • The jug is a real Quimper Pottery piece, recently given to the Hittys by an aider and abetter, The platter is nicely done, and hand made, but is an imitation Quimper piece, and the candelabra was given to us by our favourite photographer…
      I like the tablecloth too, the Hittys are glad to have a nice table covering for their special occasions!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I always love your interesting posts. Not only are they entertaining, but educational.
    I hope you keep this up for many more years!

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