Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

Carya, dressed in her slate blue dress enjoys a little sit on the floor near the blue cupboards.

It is dreadful weather outside, so sitting cosy in the kitchen is usually a good place to be.  However the Humans have had their woodstove replaced this week, which meant for a chilly day or two…

One of the humans went shopping in a thrift store (just to warm up a little) and came across the pretty sideboard, almost the same colour as the gorgeous punched-tin cupboard the Hitty’s favourite photographer recently bought for them…

The Quimper Hittys are spoiled (but their kitchen is getting more complete!)


15 thoughts on “Feeling Blue

  1. I assume that the Quimper Hittys can handle a more complex kitchen. The furniture would fit well in an unfitted kitchen-a favorite of the Müttersholtz Hittys. They look to be quite useful.

    • The Quimper Hittys don’t have a proper kitchen plan – unfitted would describe it well! The new cupboards are very nice, with doors and drawers that actually open! Fortunately the Hittys seem to be able to adapt to any amount of kitchen chaos, and don’t let it impede their cooking impulses!

  2. Every time I go to a thrift store and see one of those little furniture pieces I think about Hittys.
    Hope it will get warmer soon on your side of the planet!

    • What kind of tiny furniture would we find in Sweden? It has warmed up here to almost 5 degrees, but with sustained winds of 40 km/h and over 4 mm of rain per hour! The humans are glad their new wood stove is working well, and the Hittys are glad to be inside!

      • All kinds – beds, cabinets, chairs…since I am not collecting it I can’t really specify…But if you are looking for something particular – let me know, I will look more closely next time.
        Your early spring is quite alike swedish one, good news about new stove!

  3. Oh these two pieces are wonderful, and what a lucky find that cabinet/sideboard was to match the cupboard so closely. I daren’t let my girls see this as they will be complaining that their living quarters lack certain necessary items! Goodness the poor dears haven’t even got beds yet!

    • I know your dears have some lovely Quilts – who needs beds! The sideboard was a lucky find, and there was a cute little bench too, but the Hittys are requesting a “Penny Rug” bench mat before I put it in their living quarters. They prefer a softer surface upon which to sit their little wooden backsides.

  4. My Hittys do have a wooden cupboards and a lovely black cast iron stove but they do covet that Pie safe with the punched tin! We here in Missouri feel that Carya needs a nice rocker for her kitchen. OF course the Country
    Hittys feel that every room needs a rocking chair to be complete. (as does their human).
    Lovely photos and report. We hope the weather improves for everyone SOON!!

    • The Quimper Hittys love it, and so does their human. They feel lucky to have discerning people looking out for them on line and in the thrift store… Carya happened to be wearing the matching dress!

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