Shipwreck 1

Shipwreck (17)On a beautiful summer afternoon, Min and Agathe traipsed down to the beach to see if there was anything interesting going on…..

Shipwreck (1)…they were not expecting to see a shipwreck on the reef!



Shipwreck (3)Min thought they should go have a closer look…



Shipwreck (8)So they scrambled aboard…



Shipwreck (9)

And Min Climbed up into the rigging!



Shipwreck (9)-2

From which she spotted an interesting-looking sea cave worthy of further investigation…



13 thoughts on “Shipwreck 1

  1. What a find! I wonder if it is still sea worthy. I can just see Min sacrificing her dress (and Agathe’s) to make sails and setting off for a cruise.

  2. Oh my! Is it the influence of Cherry Pit Sailor? Things have taken a distinctly nautical turn, haven’t they? Such adventures the Quimper Hittys have- can hardly wait for the next installment 🙂

  3. I am so enjoying this adventure. Who knows what Agathe will find in that cave?? Mastodon bones perhaps?? Looking forward to the refurbishment of that ship. By the way these photos are fantastic.

    • Bones are certainly part of tomorrow’s adventure…and I am happy to say that the photos in today’s post were a joint effort of the Quimper Hitty’s human and their favourite photographer!

  4. What an adventure!! The Bonsai Hittys are suggesting a walk along our nearest beach, but I’m sure it won’t be half as interesting as Min and Agathe’s adventure!

    • This is the first time I have ever found a Hitty-sized shipwreck! It was amazing! You never know what flotsam and jetsam the sea will deposit on the beach. We were pretty excited by the plastic potato chip until we spotted the shipwreck!

  5. Never a dull moment when darling Min is around. She is a joy to follow – good or bad, she always makes everything seem right.

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